1 April – Support

1 April – Support

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Beautiful words from a lovely family that we support, please share so we can reach those families that need us……..

We were referred to this fantastic charity ‘Reuben’s Retreat’ in 2014 by Chloe’s Childrens with extra needs specialist Nurse. From day one I have been welcomed with huge open arms. I cannot begin to explain the relief and weight lifted of my shoulders since I have met such supportive people. It’s a huge relief to know I have the support and people to talk to who completely understand. Chloe was born in 2006 with a life-limiting condition and has been seriously poorly in and out of hospital and has had two lengthy ICU admissions and there wasn’t a charity with the level of support that Reuben’s Retreat has offered, I am truly grateful.

I visit the retreat to have some therapy and it’s one of the most beautiful, peaceful, relaxing and welcoming places i have been to; It surely is a retreat. Everyone involved with the charity are the most genuine, caring and supportive people I have met. I am truly very grateful that such a fantastic charity care.

We have been very fortunate to have enjoyed two brilliant breaks with this fantastic charity. The chance to have a fabulous break and be ‘normal’ for a few days as a family and to make ever lasting memories means the world to us.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart! – Sarah ( Mother of Chloe)

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