1 December – Another massive rollercoaster weekend

1 December – Another massive rollercoaster weekend

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Another massive rollercoaster weekend.
Friday kicked off with an incredible pamper night. The Ladies of Broadbottom put in an incredible amount of effort to bring together around 20 therapists to fulfil 200 pamper appointments for all thelovely Ladies and their friends. A lovely night and I am partial to a bit of pamper myself, and had a lovely Indian head massage and a mini-ped. It was a take your own booze event £3 on the door including a cocktail and treatments were around£7 each. A fantastic £1,000 was raised and a BIG thank you to all that attended and gave up their evenings to pamper and organise and special thanks to Jackie P for owning that spreadsheet???? Yikes !!!!!
Saturday we had our first EVER grotto and so many lovely stories told and both Saturday and Sunday’s Santas did a great job with over 63 children seen and only 11 cried….. and also 1 happy dog got to chat with Santa too….. Thank you to ALL involved in our incredible “grotto” project. We are looking for the culprit surrounding “Fudge-gate” with a missing fudge from a goodie pack??? and the funniest story was when Elf Jacob reached to fetch a dropped “list to Santa” and said… “I will get that for you Dad…errrmmmm I mean Father Christmas”……
Saturday night we hotfooted it over to Bolton for “ROCKIN for REUBEN 4” hosted by our very own Elvis Leonard. 156 seats sold out in less than 3 days. We raised the roof, raised cash, raised awareness and more passengers boarded the Reuben Express bound retreat. A THANK you BIGGER than I can say to our golden couple the LEONARDs, who in the last year have raised over £10,000 for Reuben’s Retreat. Love you muchly and Im so proud to have you as friends. Elvis also wore his new REUBlue costume too…. THANK YOU to Sally and Ciaran for your tributes! Oh what a night with over £3300+ raised !!!!
Today we had very mixed emotions as Isaac chose the tree for our living room. Reuben’s bauble hangs from near the top and it holds so many many memories from years gone by. Today I spoke with Jo about the depth of emotion for Isaac and I said that he doesn’t understand the permanence of what has happened. I said if Reuben turned up tomorrow he would probably take it in his stride and give him a big hug and say how much he had missed him. I then tortured myself for a number of lengthy seconds and imagined their reunion. Then distracted myself at speed as the hurt in my heart was too much…….
This afternoon I visited one of our trustees Adam, with whom I am completing our purchase of the retreat. More forms signed and completed and now the searches commence. WOW !!!! It should be ours by January….
Tonight we launch our very own “Advent” of “23” FUN-raising ideas to take you into 2014. So sit back, relax and let’s share some ideas of what you can do to help raise the “MAGIC£££”
1 – REUBond night – arrange a black tie event, James Bond inspired and play the tables, sip Martini’s and quiz your friends on all things 007 – an idea “shaken not stirred”
So that’s me, MISS £PENNY signing off until idea number 2 tomorrow.
As always, a HUGE THANK YOU to all those that support our work….

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