1 Oct – Grief

1 Oct – Grief

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Grief visits in many guises.
Sometimes it can be a poor nights sleep.
Sometimes it will visit your dreams.
Sometimes it can make you struggle to get out of bed.
Sometimes in can make you paranoid.
Sometimes it can make you angry
Sometimes it can give you a sick feeling in your tummy
Sometimes it can make you weepy
Sometimes it can exhaust you
Sometimes it can give you headache
And sometimes it can make you feel very anxious, like something terrible is going to happen…..
Today, grief has visited me in all these guises at its only morning….
Im going to have some wellbeing this morning, to release the pressure from my aching head and sorry heart. I have lavender on my wrists and a few sprays of rescue remedy….
My MISS is big today, its always BIG, but sometimes bigger than others ….
My grief is changing shape and sometimes the days are ok and other days I wonder how I got through….
I will pull through as I have a focus to launch my personal no crisps campaign….. and Mike has pledged to support and sponsor me £1 a day….
I know today’s a bad one, cos I don’t care for crisps anyway…

Thank you for being there and supporting
Miss you baba chunk x

Photo ~ This blog was brought to you by Asda, major seller of crisps… only joking…. This is Reuben pulling Uncle Marc’s trousers wanting his SosiJ brekkie xxxx

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