10 Sep – Happy 4th Birthday our darling Reuben

10 Sep – Happy 4th Birthday our darling Reuben

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Happy 4th Birthday our darling Reuben”

Mummy thinks that eye make up was a silly choice this morning…..
I have visited Reuben’s garden and THANK YOU to all those that have left treats for his garden and lovely words and cards…..
THANK YOU to my loving family and gorgeous friends that have sent kind words, hugs, and LOVE.

Im off to the flower warehouse to create something beautiful for Reuben’s garden, with flowers and lego…
Then a few errands including collecting sausage for tea and dropping by my gorgeous friends Julie’s to do a tiny smidge of film for a forthcoming ball.
Up to school to collect our gorgeous Isaac Bobster and sell pies and cakes with Alison for Reuben’s Retreat, then home to cook sausage and mash with yorkie puds for Mum, Auntie Rach, the Godparents and crew….. and probably drink wine and eat cheese too… as its what he would have wanted…. (wink…)

Tune in to Granada Reports later as they share lovely news and be sure to post your teatime photies to our RR FB page. Here is the link to see the footage in advance, or for those not linked to Granada… it may surprise you to see that the footage is 2;35 long, another “23” from our boy.


Today for Reuben’s birthday we launch a lottery.


I have signed up and there’s a 2 and a 3 in my direct debit each month.

MISS you more than words Reuben – WISH with all my broken heart that things were different….
Wherever you may be I hope that there is cake, and ice cream, and everything you could wish for and more… and know that we carry you in our hearts every day darling.
Lots of love always,

I hope to share something special later, created for Reuben with love… so please stay close…….

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