11 August – As we approach many milestones…….

11 August – As we approach many milestones…….

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As we approach many milestones…….
August 2012…..
We left Mottram in the morning and headed for Symond’s yat, the most beautiful place and setting for a hot Summer’s day. We sat at the Saracen’s head and ate lunch and as usual Reuben was starving hungry. He thoroughly enjoyed his sausage and mash with peas and gravy and fellow diners smiled as they looked across and saw him devour his food. Isaac on the other hand wouldn’t eat anything but sausage as he was too giddy at the sight of the river that eating seemed a dull task and he wanted to head off to the forest in search of trolls. I cajoled Isaac and told him how Spiderman ate peas to improve his eyesight, to which I stood corrected when he informed me that it wasn’t peas but carrots that made you see in the dark…. A stranger stopped by our table as we finished our meal to say that the boys had beautiful table manners, that Spiderman did in fact love peas and that we had a beautiful family and she hoped that the boys would have a lovely holiday.
Later we left Symonds Yat and Reuben was sick on the journey to the hotel. As we arrived at the Premier Inn we cleaned him up and the car seat was stripped and placed in the bath for me to clean. At this point, Reuben was on Isaac’s bed looking out of the window. We were on the ground floor and the window was safely ajar. He was tangled up in the net curtain and an older gentleman was pushing his wife in a wheel chair across the car park towards our room…. “ Grandad!!! Nan!!! Hi ya !!! he shouted” I asked him to get back in and we all laughed at his antics. We put the children to bed and tried to keep quiet so that they would sleep. Both boys didn’t get to sleep until gone 9pm… excited for their forthcoming trip they both kept chatting and Reuben was singing his favourite rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar.
The next morning Reuben was sick again and then he brightened up once more. We headed for Dean Forest and all enjoyed the Gruffalo trail and later visited a local carnival and fair. I had not been happy with Reuben’s health for some time and for 2 weeks he had been holding his head to the left slightly. I had asked our Doctors to look at his ears and they had seen nothing. When we got back to the hotel I made an out of hours appointment to see a Doctor at Gloucester hospital. We were called in by an elderly Gentleman. “Hiya Grandad” said Reuben… “ High 5 Grandad”… as most Mummy’s will know sat here today, whenever you pitch up to any appointment with a poorly child, they will practically tap dance in front of you and put on a one man show to completely show you up and make you out to be a real Pinnochio. Clearly the Doctor thought that everything was ok and when I asked him to take a look at his ears he did and gave us a prescription for an ear infection.. he advised us Reuben wouldn’t be able to swim on holiday and I was gutted… if only… I was relieved that a diagnosis had been made and we could head for Devon the next day.

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