11 November – New Wheels

11 November – New Wheels

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So my old wheels left and new ones arrived. Then I treated myself to a gorgeous new reg. (found by Sall) Poor Karen was then tasked with helping the design and getting inside my head (who’d want to do that these days?!?! 😳) my Sister says its full of bricks ….

So we set about batting back and forth until the ultimate was achieved.
Collected yesterday and arranged at a supportive price for our cause, thank you northwest signs. And thank you to our fabulous Karen for hertalent and patience on our latest project.
Thank you Dave & Paul at Kia Bolton.

And super huge hug and kisses (which he won’t like) to Dan & team, whom without their generous donation I wouldn’t have my wheels xxxx
I love my wheels, hope you love them too

Brum brum ‪#‎reubensjourney‬

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