11 Sept – 23 sausages

11 Sept – 23 sausages

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What a celebration……
Thank you for the cards, messages, gifts, flowers, words, love, support, cakes, pies, sausages mash & peas……
I cooked for “12” last night, Mum said I had to… 11 came for dinner.
We dined and smashed new potatoes, peas, gravy, yorkie puds and wait for it …… 23 Sausages from “Pearsons butchers” ( he is supporting Bradleys pie), 8 low fat sausage, 8 lincolnshire sausage, and at Isaac’s request, 24 pigs in blankets !!!!!!!!! What a sausagefest devoured by all …..
Then we lit “Angel cake” and sang Happy Birthday Reuben.
Then crowded the TV to watch……………
For anyone that missed it………..
THANK YOU so much for all you do and more……
Much love
a MASSIVE thank you to all that registered for the Manchester 10k on Reuben’s birthday too !!!!! meant a lot that !!! Thank you xxxx what a lovely gift x

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