11 September – We did it !!! HALF A MILLION ££££££££££££££££££

11 September – We did it !!! HALF A MILLION ££££££££££££££££££

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Thank you all for your “loveliness” yesterday in celebrating the short sweet life of our darling Reuben on what would have been his 3rd birthday.
Monday night, Mike and I mustered the courage to watch some of Reuben’s video footage. We laughed and cried together as we watched his sleepy head on Christmas morning, the joy of unwrapping birthday presents with Isaac, swimming in Turkey, dancing to Nina Simone “I’ve got life” and trying to whack his Brother and learning to jump and shouting “chickens” at the top of his lungs at a petting zoo.
Mike was off work yesterday and we visited Reuben’s garden many times. I stood with Ali late in the afternoon and we talked about how lovely Reuben was, such a smiler, always happy, placid and no trouble at all. I said that I think he came to us with a list of ingredients like a bottle of cordial… I think Reuben arrived “Concentrated” as he had a lot of happy to fit into his best before date;- “21/8/12”.
At Isaac’s school they celebrated with a non-uniform day complete with a cake and pie sale. We live in a fabulous community and everyone has come together to help us achieve our goal. Like here, it is very much “our charity” with each and everyone that supports, coming together to achieve “our Reuben’s Retreat”. Every single one of you a part of that. I would like to thank Isaac’s darling school, the staff and the lovely Mummy’s that all baked yesterday and sold, and to Bradleys for the 110 pie deliver arranged by Cathy. Thank you ALL.
Last night I made sausage mash peas and gravy in giant yorkies for 11 of us and we had a lovely evening with family.
We were invited to Leicester square as guests of TTG for their awards, but thought it best to be home with family on another tough day. Thank you TTG and Dubai tourism for your donation of £2,300 (23 Months) and for the cakepops, a nod to Reuben on his special day.
TTG’s generosity combined with a visit from Nic and Paul from the Congress players with a £4k cheque, took us to where we need to be.
Drum roll please………….. We did it !!! HALF A MILLION ££££££££££££££££££
I also received a lovely call about some special RR news and that will be revealed next month… HOW EXCITING !
Thank you for your love and support, for your commitment to this incredible goal that you are a part of, Thank you for being there with your loving words and virtual HUGS.
INCREDIBLEness is happening on a HUGE scale and communities are coming together.
Thank you Thank you! Here’s to the next hurdle ~ ANOTHER half of the MAGIC ! Will we do it ????
Have a lovely day and if there’s any left over???? EAT CAKE !
Im now off to Stop the Clock to create our new Christmas cards with the gorgeous girls there… hold onto your stockings, they are going to be FAByouLUSSSSS xxxx

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