11th Jan 2013 – Reuben, On the Buses!!!!

11th Jan 2013 – Reuben, On the Buses!!!!

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Today I cried… proud tears… Look at what we have got !!!! I couldn’t wait until Monday to share this with you….
Reuben, ON THE BUSES !!!! Isn’t this just absolutely FANTASTIC. Buses around Manchester City centre, Stockport, Hyde, Ashton and surrounding areas…. 50 buses…..
We are running a COMPETITION;- Please take a PHOTO of our” roaming REUBEN” and post it to FB and also mail a copy to ali@reubensretreat.org let us know “where” you saw him. The BEST photo will WIN a mounted copy of Sausage & Mash ( see photo) I must STRESS, PLEASE do NOT take photo’s whilst driving… please be responsible.. I want to ensure there were no persons HARMED in the making of Reuben’s Retreat……
I just want to say a HUGE Thank you to ROB (CBS) and ADAM (stagecoach) for pulling this off… it is incredible and I am so pleased, so very pleased… and a BIG thanks to our lovely Cat K for her fabulous time, effort, patience and artwork. Please also look out for Monday’s M.E.N, and Tameside’s Advertiser ( THANK YOU SUE) and there may be more to come… Please SHARE our news and let’s see how many SHARES we can SHARE… xxxx Forever Mummy xxxx
Ps; Me and Ali look like a right pair of oddballs on that bus don’t we?

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