11th May – Caring and Sharing

11th May – Caring and Sharing

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I just wanted to take some time out to say Thank you.
Your letters, comments, posts and stories lift me every day.
To lose someone you love is heartbreaking and I know that many of you share my pain. It’s the MISS that gets you isn’t it… the MISS and the NEVER……
I will never know what he would have been, could have been, he is frozen in time at “nearly 2”.
One of our New Year’s resolutions was to watch some of his video footage from past holidays, but we havent been quite brave enough yet.
I was watching a drama the other night and a lady had waved her Son off to war to never return. In 1912 you didn’t have cameras and video’s and i-pads… now we get to capture every toothy grin, every curl, every first, and sadly every last.
Life has dealt us a very cruel blow and I would do it all again to have him. Our precious boy, our grief as individual as he was.
We have so many magical memories to keep us going on those dark days… countless days out, trips, holidays, weekends away and dinner with friends…
That’s what we will give back to other families that need it. You are a part of that. By supporting, sharing, running, baking, donating, eating, walking, dancing, singing…. our way to the magic.

Reuben’s Retreat “Relax, Recharge, Remember, Rebuild”

Each event taking us closer to that goal.

Thank you for caring & sharing



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