12 August – our journey continued…..

12 August – our journey continued…..

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12th of August 2012 ………. our journey continued…..

We arrived at beautiful Appledore, our planned home for the next 5 nights. We were camping with our dear friends Jill, simon and Callum in Simon’s sister Michelle back garden at their stunning family home overlooking the sea. My Sister Rachael, her husband Marc and their gorgeous boys were to stay in a cottage a few miles down the road. Jill and Simon were still travelling down and we decided we would head to the Quay with Rach and family as there was a carnival planned that afternoon. We had a wander and bought buckets for the boys to go “crabbing” and we stopped by a local pub for a drink to celebrate the start to our holidays. Isaac was on the rocks with Jacob and Reuben was watching from where we sat. Reuben wandered off just a few yards ahead and walked up to a complete stranger… he hooked his little arms around the man’s leg and shouted up to him “ Chips! Chips! Chips! Pyease”…. it was hilarious and Reuben always had an affinity with men and especially men that had access to the biscuit cupboard. Just a few weeks prior to this event i had a conversation with Isaac about stranger danger… we were in Blackpool and he had a tendency to wander off…never would i have thought that my youngest would need the stranger danger discussion around chips.. how easily he was sold.

Later we watched the carnival and despite me taking Reuben off dairy and high fat foods for a couple of weeks because of his sickness, you will be pleased to know that i gave in and that afternoon he devoured fish chips and ketchup whilst watching the carnival.


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