12 Dec – Thrilled to be one of “Together for short lives” members.

12 Dec – Thrilled to be one of “Together for short lives” members.

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TOP NEWS from Reuben’s Retreat, you heard it here first ……..
The photo looks like I have won the X-factor ! Thought i’d share it this cheery Friday night as it made me giggle…. the full story is here and will feature in the Manchester Evening News paper edition tomorrow ……
Thrilled to be one of “Together for short lives” members.
By being a member, we will benefit from some of the profits that they receive when the winners single goes on sale.
Also… breaking news… Gary Barlow was unavailable for the official light switch on at Reuben’s garden earlier today, so we got our best stand in, Isaac Bobster…. I think Barlow’s overrated and Isaac’s far more handsome anyway…. I am sure you all agree.
Im off to cook lamb steaks for me and Isaac before family movie time, we are having a “date night”.
Thank you to all that Christmas jumper’d too !!!
Enjoy your evening and please continue to show your support and stay close to us, we dont want to lose you… to keep you, you need to comment, like, and or share and we won’t disappear from your newsfeed…

Much love


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