12 June – Miss him more than words

12 June – Miss him more than words

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Had a moment today when this gorgeous photo popped up in my newsfeed – fond memories of a very cold May trip to Gullivers world with Nannie – we rarely got a decent photo of Reuben. Forever the comedian….. after this photo, Isaac frightened me to death when he went on a really scary ride. He is such a thrill seeker.
I miss Reuben every day and this one caught my breath earlier today…. as my eyes swelled with tears, i turned to the next task and busied up .. sometimes the pain is too much for my mending heart…. miss him more than words ….
Tonight………… I had over to Daddy, as he asks for your help… Daddy is a “numbers man” – he loves numbers !!!
Good evening….Daddy here and I wanted to PLEASE ask for your help…..
This will take you less than two minutes ……as soon as you have finished reading this or perhaps your way to work tomorrow morning, PLEASE invite your friends to LIKE Reuben’s Retreat
All you need to do is go onto Reuben’s Retreat Facebook page, oh you’re on it now !
Then please select INVITE FRIENDS and please click on INVITE ALL
Believe me…….if you do this then YOU are contributing to Reuben’s Retreat as more people will LIKE our page and we therefore can HELP more families
Can we get to 44K Likes before we open Reuben’s Lodge at Reuben’s Retreat at the end of July ?
I don’t know what will push your buttons to do this……but I am hoping you will push your buttons and INVITE ALL your friends
Thank you, as always for your amazing support……Daddy x

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