12 Sept – FOREVER grateful to each and every one of you

12 Sept – FOREVER grateful to each and every one of you

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So, what another crazeeeee couple of days. Yesterday I received a very exciting call from a Lady about some plans for October, I hope we get to the final and I will share more with you when allowed…. Later I met with the fabulous Ladies at STOP THE CLOCK to design our Christmas cards. Also in the pipeline we have wedding favours and Christening keepsakes… coming soon to our online shop. I am very excited about our Christmas card designs!
I worked until late and then fell into bed.
When I woke I received a very exciting FB message from Caroline Shotton who donated “Batman & Reuben”. She has some more exciting caped crusader work underway and has donated to us for Reuben’s Birthday 2 prints “SpiderMOO” and “BatMOO”. I LOVE them and have decided that rather than auction them, I want to keep them for RR’s movie room. I know we need every penny to hit that magic, but sometimes the look on a kids face is priceless and I know the boys and Daddies will love these… so they are for “keeps” – you agree?
When I got to the office I collected a card and donation from our reception. A very kind lady had written and card and donated in memory of precious Samuel who was born asleep last week. To say I was overcome doesn’t scratch the surface and if any of you that are reading know “Samuel’s” precious and heartbroken family, please let them know I am here for them and they must call by to see me at Seraphina when they feel strong enough…. Later I met with a dear and lovely friend and he had some reiki and we chatted over a toastie. A quick pit stop at my car from Nick at Mammoth signs ( oh yes !!!! i’m getting my car kitted out) and I was then off to Parrs Wood High school to meet the dynamo that is Stacey C and her loved Headteacher Mr S. Adopting RR as one of their charities for the year we filmed some of her gorgeous students asking me questions about RR. We then had a meeting and a whole raft of planning became apparent. THANK YOU Parrs Wood, I look forward to you being a part of our new journey!
As I got up to leave a text popped into my phone from school and tomorrow we have been invited to “pride assembly” for Isaac. I couldn’t be more proud if I tried. LOVE him and he is doing so well. He is so secure and happy and lately his “chuckle level” has increased and he is so happy around our home. A breath of fresh air, and he keeps us going for sure. Its dreadful what he has had to cope with and yet the sunshine he emits is bountiful.
I then dropped by Reuben’s garden to read through our Thomson airways contract and to speak with their charity co-ordinator Richard. Thrilled to have won this and it will make such a hug difference to us.
Tomorrow I’m at assembly then at the office with Ali and our volunteering volunteer planner Neil and later volunteers…. after a photo shoot in the morning…..
Its all go, its all crazy…. its a million in the making and you are a part of it…..
So “hover and LIKE” and SHARE ( that seemed ages ago didn’t it… see top of post – ha ha !!! ) and let’s hit this MAGIC together – there’s no time to lose…………
Much LOVE and FOREVER grateful to each and every one of you

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