12th March – A BIG THANK YOU

12th March – A BIG THANK YOU

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Just got back in time to kiss Isaac Good Night, sleep tight.  Mother’s day evening I headed off for 2 nights in Chester to attend the Global Travel Group conference.  Plagued by lack of mobile signal I found it a difficult couple of nights….  I have become so accustomed to keeping in touch, that the fact that I couldn’t played on my anxiety.  I really wanted to especially keep in touch with home, as I was missing Isaac.  Nevertheless it was an action packed couple of days catching up with colleagues and friends old and new and making some great contacts for work and RR along the way.  A BIG massive THANK YOU to Cherie at GTG for looking after us so well and for adopting RR as their charity of choice at the gala dinner.  The guest speaker on Monday was James Caan, a big thank you to James for the tweets and support!  After speaking at dinner everybody dug deep and raised a wonderful £2680, Thank you thank you I am forever grateful.  Then these guys popped by and I managed to get a quick snap and talk to them about RR.  Lovely, lovely bunch of lads.. amazing singers.. compassionate boys and they said they would do what they could to help RR.  Thank you ALL so much.  ( Incidentally, Thank you Steve Dunlop for the photo, Jason and I didn’t half giggle at it on the way home, as I likened it to a photo of a Mum celebrating her 60th with her Sons !!! how old do I look… lace, pearls and a handbag with a handsome bunch of fellas… trout!) Jade Ellis of X-factor fame also sang and was so incredible and amazingly talented.. THANK you Jade for your support on twitter today and last night, it is so very very much appreciated… I wish you all the very best with your career.  Today we had mini 10 minute appointments with lots of GTG members and throughout the sessions and at breakout times lots of members dropped by to speak with me and offer their support for RR.  If every member raised £100 we would have £40k in the bank… so so very achievable and a sincere thank you to each and every member that goes on to support us….. Ali has been busy and visited a fabulous college today, Garstang Travel and Dr Oetker… another bunch of thank you’s there too !!!  So with tweets from a dragon, X-factor and a handsome bunch, not bad going for a Monday and Tuesday eh….. For anyone waiting to hear from me, I will play catch up tomorrow.. for now I am going to watch the last 2 “Maydays” with Mike… Na night & God bless xxxx forever MUMMY xxxx

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