13 August – Handover

13 August – Handover

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Today, 3 years ago to the day, we spent our last whole day together as a family. Enjoying a fun filled day in a theme park in Devon. Nobody could have ever prepared me for what this date would bring 3 years later.
This morning I drove to the retreat for our “handover” meeting. It should have taken place 2 days ago, but due to circumstances our build partners moved it. When they did, I didn’t give the date a second glance. Moving at 100mph allows your head to block out such pain. On the drive up I realised the significance of the date and started to cry.
I cried for myself, for my family, for the memories of that beautiful day, for the love, the loss, and for his legacy 3 years on. I cried for the support, for the friends, for the journey and for the wonderful people that Reuben has brought to us these last 3 heartbreaking years.

We should have completed the lodge weeks ago, how poignant that the many diversions along the way have directed us to such a poignant date and time of year.

I arrived at the retreat and was greeted by familiar faces. Jon our PM had not been to site for a long time and I wanted to see his face as he walked in the lodge. I cried. It was so important to me and meant so much to see his reaction. I was fit to burst with pride. For all that had been achieved in my darlings name, attributed to greatly by the likes of Jon and many more generous hearts like his. After a brief tour we set about our meeting.

Afterwards Jon said a few words and we also thanked those that could not attend the meeting, but had played such a crucial part.  Then I spoke and cried and gave thanks. I meant every single word I said. CityBuild have been fantastic to work with and have really looked after us. I have met some fantastic people on this project and their love and craftsmanship adorns every adorable wall.  Buildings soak up memories and if the lodge could speak it would share the many blessings that have been present since before conception.

As our meeting came to a close we had another tour round and I made my way back to our Ashton base.
Whilst driving back I cried some more. And on arrival I cried again with the girls.
As I type this my t-shirt is tear soaked and I am so proud yet so desperately sad holding great miss for my boy.
I just want to say that the project would not be the same without you and I wish to thank each and every one of you for giving so much.

Special thanks to our wonderful team at CityBuild, to our volunteers that helped out, and to our fantastic team that brought this all together. Hand picked by and angel to carry out wonderful work.

Sometimes the words thank you just don’t seem to cut it, but they are all I have until I find some more. Thank you Jonathan Campbell, Jonathan Greenhalgh, Darren Brooke, Bill Jennings, Lee Coverley, Steven Hunt, Katie Crossley, Paul Edgar, Robert Barnes and Amanda Olley. Our design dream team.

We are already weeks into planning phase 2.

I am now going to go home and be with my family.

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Photo;- Some of our design dream team
We don’t want to show many photos now, as we want you to come and see us in October……. then you can see first hand for yourselves x

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