13 August – This was to be our final night with our boy………..

13 August – This was to be our final night with our boy………..

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13th August 2012…..
We all headed out to a local theme park. Reuben had a great time. He was with his cousins, his big brother and his friend Callum. He took to the rides and went through the maze, he climbed on the outdoor equipment and panned for Gold. He gave Sam a high 5 as Sam hit his first hole in one on the crazy golf. That night we all headed back and enjoyed a barbecue, where Reuben still had his appetite and if I’m honest, he probably ate one too many sausage… as he paraded around the garden shouting sausage, sausage…. mmmmm sausage….
Later that night, i put Reuben to bed…. we were still all in the garden and Reuben settled down to sleep in his travel cot in the tent., or so we thought…. from inside the tent came this barrage of song… “oh na na what’s my name, oh na na what’s my name”…. I shouted back ” your name’s Reuben now go to sleep” to which he chuckled and started to sing “twinkle twinkle” for effect…. we all started laughing… for Mike and i, this was nothing out of the ordinary.. if Reuben couldn’t sleep he would often burst into song and sometimes this could last intermittently for a couple of hours… then he started humming his favourite holiday song from Turkey…. This was to be our final night with our boy………..

Thank you to each and every one of you for following our journey, for posting, commenting, sharing and for keeping our spirits up as we share with you our story.
I share, because, then others can truly understand what is behind “Reuben’s Retreat”, LOVE, HOPE, and a beautiful little boy, that’s gone too soon, but leaves a legacy to help poorly children like him…..

As our story unfolds, you too will learn, how the building blocks became the retreat


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