13 May – It’s Reuben’s FGMF Ali

13 May – It’s Reuben’s FGMF Ali

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It is Reuben’s FGMF Ali (fairy God Mummy Forever) here this evening.

I just felt the need today to write a few words on a particular topic….Nicola Graham, Reuben’s Mummy. Somehow this lady gets herself out of bed with a massive MISS in her heart everyday and works relentlessly to take us all a step closer at some pace to opening the doors to Reuben’s Retreat.
Our days are so varied it is untrue and with that comes a whole load of emotion, we laugh, we stress, we cry, we laugh, we eat sometime healthy sometime crisps and we are making a difference to peoples lives already & that is due to the driving force that is Nicola Graham AKA in my eyes as WonderMummy. I quoted this nearly a year ago on the BBC2 Manchester Great Run AKA 10k footage, the most bizarre concept of time for us all, especially a grieving Mummy.

I also wanted to thank you all for your continued support without you we couldn’t do this and we would not have a BIG property waiting to be renovated!
TY Jon – you know who you are and I hope you know what that meant to us today. TY Richard W – remember to seal your pockets next time! TY Vicki Sofield & Cosatto for the lovely cheque.

Please continue to support & the link I have attached below is one filmed some while ago, I watched it for the first time in a while yesterday, I cried as I too along with all of Reuben’s family miss that happy little chap so much and wonder what he would be like now. I then got a grip and thought WOW look at what we have achieved so far and look at where we are going.


Nicola Graham I hope I am not in too much trouble for this post & I hope you know how wonderful you are WONDERMUMMY, what a legacy burd, what a legacy! Much love always & forever burd.


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