13 Sep – North West Fundraiser 2014 – Pride of Britain

13 Sep – North West Fundraiser 2014 – Pride of Britain

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Wow! My phone hasn’t stopped…. THANK YOU all for you lovely kind messages of love, support and congratulations.
It all started off earlier in the day, after “the call” I spoke with Isaac and said, “Im going into the television studios later Isaac, would you like to come? I think it would be a lovely experience”, Isaac smiled and said “Sounds good to me Mum, yes please”……..
After collecting him from school we freshened up and got changed. I asked him to bring my dress up from downstairs. Screwed up in a ball he handed it to me with a pair of earrings he had chosen…… a pair of lime green flashing skulls from Halloween. Delicately and with democracy I changed them for a lovely pair of amber bumble bee earrings my lovely friend Sue had bought me for my birthday….. Relief……
We made our way to the studios to meet our lovely Ali and took the lift to the brand new and incredible studios.
We could not have been made to feel more welcome. The entire team from concierge through to head of news, presenters, reporters, camera crew and producers were fantastic. A great homely feel, snazzy offices, and smiles all round. Isaac was made a fuss of too and everyone was so engaging especially with him, what a special trip.
Before the item Tony and Ann came over to introduce themselves and give us a brief. On Wednesday when we had watched our piece I said to my Sister, “Ahhh that Tony looks like a really nice man doesn’t he… it’d be nice to meet him one day???” never for one minute thinking that I would do…… and he is … they both are.. lovely, warm and genuine people.
Our moment had arrived and I was mic’ed up and escorted by our lovely presenter friend Vicky.
Thrilled and humbled to be in such fine company. My sincere condolences to katy and Carly’s families and I wish them well in all they do and I hope their stories this week have managed to raise more awareness for their causes. And I joked with Tony that the man that walked 8,000 probably would have won had he not picked up a girlfriend on his quest … ha ha !!! 8,000 miles !!! wow …. and Paula (Katy’s Mummy) and I have been in touch and I hope to meet her soon.
After the show, Isaac was treated to a stint in the news studio, as he sat on the chair and we took lots of photographs. As we looked out of the windows, we could have waved at “Nannie” working on stage door at the Lowry, but we were too high up.
Bye bye to our new friends at Granada and bye to Ali, Isaac and I went to visit Nan at the Lowry.
Then myself and Isaac went on our “date night” and rang Daddy who had missed all the drama as he was in London town.
We shared noodles, spot the difference fun, drew our itv experiences and took photos and videos of each other. On the way in a lady diner smiled at me and said “hello and congratulations I have just watched the news….” ahhhhh.
Isaac said “Mummy, I have just had the best day ever”…………
I asked him to ask for the bill. He had brain freeze from his lollipop so wore my cardi as he trotted over and asked could we have the bill please.
He was asleep in the car before we left media city.
It had been a good day……
“North West Fundraiser 2014 – Pride of Britain”
THANK YOU to all those that nominated and supported !
We cannot do any of this alone, you all mean so much to myself, our family and the team.

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