13 Sept – I met a great bunch of people tonight

13 Sept – I met a great bunch of people tonight

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I have just got in.
What a day!
Mike and I attended Celebration assembly this morning and Isaac got a certificate for his hard work and for looking after some of the reception class.
We had a few tears, unusual for Isaac, I think he was overwhelmed. He was soon ok again and is part of a fabulous school and a very loving environment.
I then hot footed it over to Zipp Design in Hyde who are new to support us and have been incredible ! I cannot thank the team enough.
Down to the office and what a buzz and hive of activity it was there too. Rach and Sam web packing, kids wristbands arrived ~ yipeee and Ali and Neil beavering away preparing for our volunteers night. David and Joyce arrived for a cheque handover as the photographer and make up artist arrived for a photo shoot…. more to come on that…. Then a quick lunch and catch up before a visit from healthy hounds.
I then collected Isaac, we popped by the office again, grabbed some tea and he did the official “welcome” for our first volunteers induction night.
Thank you Ali and Neil for all the work you have put in, I know its a big task.
THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that attended tonight !!! the buzz was incredible and I am so glad you are part of our journey.
If YOU want to be a part of it, you can complete a form on our website and we will be in touch.
I met a great bunch of people tonight, full of passion and enthusiasm to make a difference.
I’m off to bed exhausted.
Na night

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