14 July – £952,000 raised…….

14 July – £952,000 raised…….

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You ready to knock the MUNDANE out of MUNDAY ????????
£952,000 raised……
17 days to S-mash the £million

£48,000 to GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHARE like you’ve never SHARED !!!! and be sure to THANK all those that support

We are about to raise our first £million in 23 months, the precious time that Reuben was afforded on this earth. His little life not in vain, and will make such a difference to so many.

This is the beginning…… and our first £million sets us up with a property and the first phase of 4 to be completed by early next year.

We than have to RAISE all over again to complete our REUBuild….. this isn’t the end, but a beautiful new beginning.

A very tough time for me…. and my MISS is huge…. as next month the date will hit that means that Reuben has been gone longer than he was here………….


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