14 March – Isaac Bobster – living with his “regular” miss

14 March – Isaac Bobster – living with his “regular” miss

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“I don’t want to go to Reuben’s garden Mum”

“We are all going together Isaac. I miss Reuben very much as I know you do. I like to do things for him like I do for you. But I can’t do as much for Reuben, so making his garden pretty is something I like to do..”

“Can’t you just pray for him Mummy so we can all stay home and watch Telly?”

Oh how he makes us chuckle ….. The simple practical headspace of a 7 year old.

You’ll be pleased to know he enjoyed planting, has had a load of fresh air and is caked in mud.

“You may as well do me a bath now” he’s shouted through the house. “So I can get my comfies on and watch the rest of pink panther”

Don’t know what I’d do without him. Although the miss is unbearable when I see it and hear it in him … He’s one great little guy.

Isaac Bobster – living with his “regular” miss, as he knows it no other way

Before & after photos & smiley Bro

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