14 May – I felt the need to write to Stephen’s family

14 May – I felt the need to write to Stephen’s family

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Compelled, as I know hundreds of thousands are, I felt the need to write to Stephen’s family …. “I am so desperately sorry and sad for your loss dear MOM…. I wear your shoes too and have done for the last 21 months…. I cry real tears as I type this to you… as I know of the journey you are about to take… stand tall and proud, safe in the knowledge that you raised such a fine fine Gentleman, a testament to your family and incredible parenting. We all have “something” to give to this world, no matter how large or small. Be sure that Stephen’s ” something” to give was MAGNIFICENT and will go on to help MILLIONS of people that you will never get to meet. You may never get to read this message as you will be inundated. IF you do… we are here for you ALWAYS and I send you LOVE and COURAGE and STRENGTH for the dark days ahead full of “MISS” for your darling darling darling boy xxxx I am so sorry for your loss………”
FLY HIGH with the Angels Dear Stephen, stay close to your loving family and all those that will need you through the incredible “Teenage Cancer trust” sending LOVE and kisses to the clouds xxxx

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