14 Sep – PROUD of you all

14 Sep – PROUD of you all

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Really PROUD of you ALL …………….

This months champion award goes to several people.
Every day we work hard. Every day. Sometimes this means evenings and weekends and this is where our “Champs” kick in.
Our champions of the month are our faithful and dedicated incredible team of “hands on” customer facing, fun-raising, energetic, dynamic,supportive, smiley, happy, hardworking, tenacious, and driven “VOLUNTEERS”
Some we see on a daily basis and some on a weekly basis. Some take on extra tasks and responsibilities. YOU know who you are, you know how much you give to support us and we know that we could not do this without you and we are so so grateful.
Some are dotted around the UK, some are friends, neighbours, family and supporters.
Some encourage others to join and are true ambassadors of our cause.
Attending bag packs, stalls, collecting, arranging, baking, packing, organising breaks and counselling, office duties, counting, stock checking, planning and more…..
Always on hand to run around, cuddle, listen and cheer us on.
THANK YOU sometimes just does not seem enough.
I hope you all know how much you mean to us.
Special thanks to our regulars.

To ALL our vollies old and new, this one’s for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you – ALWAYS !!!!!!
Nic, Ali, Becki & Beth

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