14 weeks ago today you moved to heaven

14 weeks ago today you moved to heaven

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14 weeks ago today you moved to heaven. 15 weeks ago today, I took this photo. We were happy campers. Little did I know when I took this photo, I would have 4 precious hours left with you…… Our world has been turned upside down. You were such a good boy. You were happy, contented and full to the brim with joy and love. You teased me on this morning. Moments before this photo, you wouldn’t kiss me, yet turned to dad and said …. Dad? Kiss…. You were so loved and so loving. And you still are. Reuben Michael graham , we MISS you with every beat of our broken hearts. Every day it hurts. But I wouldn’t change any if it for having made you. You truly special boy, you will enrich lives beyond , just by having you here. Love & miss you. X. Mummy, Daddy & Isaac x



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