14th March – Sky TV

14th March – Sky TV

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Hi all, FGMF (Fairy God Mummy Forever) here and tonight I have the lovely pleasure of looking after Isaac, I will come back to that in a minute….. Reuben’s Mummy & I are on SKY TV holiday & cruise channel number 284 tomorrow morning at 10.3…0am and also Sunday evening at 7pm. We hope you get chance to watch or SKY+ this ‘we look like a right rum pair’ (Nic’s words!); I think as always Nic comes across so well it’s untrue. A massive thank you to all who were involved in making this happen  including, Nick, Dan, Chris, Debi & of course Mike Reuben’s Daddy. Let’s hope as a result of this more passengers board the express train to Reuben’s Retreat…choo choo…..we our aiming to have the footage on the website soon for those who don’t have SKY. For those of you who don’t physically know us or understand the full story it’s a must watch!  OLDHAM & surrounding area your HELP is needed please – Auntie Rach is overseeing a bag pack at Asda in Oldham on 23rd March and we really need more help PLEASE get in touch by mailing Rachael@reubensretreat.org I have had a lovely time with Isaac, we have been dancing to ‘don’t stop moving baby don’t you know you drive me crazy..wiggle wiggle’ (YouTube Outhere Brothers, bet you don’t stop singing it!!!) I have a video; we may share it somewhere one day. Then Isaac spotted the collection pots….he needs one….for his bedroom??? He then proceed to put his own money in it from his money box….’It’s for Reuben’s Retreat  Ali’- ‘What is Reuben’s Retreat Isaac’ – ‘We are going to get a big house to help poorly poorly children……. Al I think I’ve got more money than Reuben’s Retreat has do you?’ Bless him 🙁 I then read him some of his Star Wars library book kissed him night night told him I love him to the moon & back and he said it back and shouted it after me twice & then said Al I really really love you….MELTING MOMENT. Tomorrow he is going to school back to front, upside down & outside in apparently for Red Nose Day, I said I would walk him to school in my onesie (You think I’m joking don’t you!!! ).  So remember to tune in….. SKY TV the holiday and cruise channel 284 – tomorrow at 1030am and also on Sunday at 7pm. Many thanks and goodnight sleep tight x (Wiggle Wiggle)

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