15 April – Iona’s REUbow

15 April – Iona’s REUbow

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As the lighter nights are here and the children can be heard playing…. the sounds of Summer are approaching….
Today as I was having a moment… I got thinking about poetry.. the beauty of rhyme and how it can bring things to life so gracefully.

When I first heard this from Julie I was mesmerised. I still am. What Julie could never have known is how these beautiful words were to affect me. It was like treasure. It was better than finding a lost photograph or video. A new piece of Reuben. I listened to it for a full week afterwards, every day like a mantra…. loving each word and syllable.

I love it more now than i did then, and boy did I love it then. Beautiful words from an incredibly generous Lady for a boy that has and will continue to build a stunning legacy. In the blink of an eye he was here…… 23 precious and special months …. we miss him every single day and wish that he were here at home with us… but the work he carries out is vital and needed and supported and welcome and growing and lives are changing and hope comes in buckets and faith is created and heaviness lifts.

Please stay close as we continue to build on what we have already achieved.
Your support is more vital than you can ever imagine.
Today has been another incredible day at RR HQ and souls have been lifted and heavy hearts are being mended.. never to beat the same again.. but will beat with great “miss” and LOVE
Please SHARE this lovely piece, the music is adapted by a lovely lady who lives with her own “miss” for her gorgeous daughter Iona. What a generous gift.

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