15 August – This is another excerpt from my eulogy “Reuben’s journey”

15 August – This is another excerpt from my eulogy “Reuben’s journey”

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On the 15th of August 2012 I didnt comment on facebook…. nothing…. I could not bare to let anyone know the devastation and tragedy that was unfolding before our eyes.
This is another excerpt from my eulogy “Reuben’s journey”
The surgeon came to the waiting room in the early hours of the morning to tell us that he had just left Reuben in recovery, he had performed a 3rd ventricolostomy to remove the pressure from his brain and that they had hoped to bring him round very soon. We had various visits that night from the anaesthetist and also the registrar and various nurses.. i asked the darkest of questions and we waited to see our boy. He was unconscious on the intensive care unit and we went to visit. All a bit of a blur we headed to bed on the ward at 4-30am. Approximately 20 minutes later a nurse knocked at our door, we were needed downstairs urgently, Reuben had taken quite a turn. He had arrested for 6 minutes and a full crash team surrounded his bed.
At 630am we rang our Mum’s to tell them what was happening
The rest of the day remains a blur… family arrived and we were able to visit Reuben in PICU at any time that we wished, day and night . Reuben was gravely ill and the odds were not looking good.
Today has been marginally better with less tears.
Last night I went for dinner with my Sis Rach, Mum and my bridesmaid Jarv. Although there were tears, there was some laughter. Our humour is something that we never lost and still seemed to peep through on even the darkest of days…..
Tonight we are taking our dear friends, whom we went to Devon with, out to dinner…. they don’t know, so I may have just let the cat out of the bag.

Reuben received the most incredible care at Barnstaple and not a moment was wasted in airlifting him.
This was to be the first building block towards RR, incredible care, and support…..
THANK YOU to all the team at Barnstaple, the air ambulance and MR Salter, who ensured that Reuben arrived in the best condition he possibly could despite the circumstances.

THANK YOU ALL for supporting, changing your profile pic and sticking with us as I take you through the steps to what we are doing today, why and how…….

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  1. Dave Pickering


    I’m connected to Sue Lathwood on facebook, who is a friend of Reuben’s parents.

    I’d like to help you to raise funds for your cause, and I have a unique way of being able to do this. I’d like to send a powerpoint file to explain more, but can’t from this website. So please reply with an email address I could send to.

    Many thanks

    Dave Pickering


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