15 June -Mike’s Fathers day started at around 2:15am.

15 June -Mike’s Fathers day started at around 2:15am.

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Mike’s Fathers day started at around 215am.
Mike had treated Isaac to an “Adventure” but unfortunately, it all went a little pear shaped.
Home giddy on Friday, Mike had bought a 2-man tent and a disposable BBQ. The plan was to camp out last night. But after a coughing bout, Isaac came back inside was sick and up and about til 330am, very unwell. “I think ive had an exciting night Mummy, but I think ive got too excited” he said… ahhhhhh “I think you’ve just got a nasty cough” was my reply. Ahhhhhhh.
They did manage to have some fun though. Camping in the back garden with i-pads, playing plants versus zombies and reading “The faraway tree” by torchlight. Earlier the Daddy and Son team had toasted marshmallows, eaten delivery pizza and saved 2 pieces for Mummy.
The notice outside the tent written by Isaac stated “No grls oni if Isaac ses” However, I did receive a special invite for a brief period only.
Earlier in the day, we had the pleasure of visiting the Hawthorn gallery and meeting the incredibly talented Lindsay Madden. You may recall that Lindsay had donated an incredible piece of work to us titled “Isaac rules” – here you will see her latest creation.
When it was revealed yesterday I cried. Tears of sadness, but also tears of amazement at what this lovely Lady had done for us. We LOVE it Lindsay, THANK YOU so so very much.
Im off now to create a lovely breakfast for Mike, the nicest man I know. Incredibly loving, thoughtful and kind, he understands the importance of being there for his Son. Mike is a great Dad and today he will MISS Reuben so very much too. He will also MISS his own Dad, whom we lost in 2005 at the young age of just 52.
Happy Father’s day to my Dad and my lovely Step Dad John too.
Kisses on the wind sent to all those with MISS in their hearts today…. for all those whose Dads have moved to heaven, for Dads that never got to be Dads and for Daddies with children that live in heaven like us.
Sending KISSES to the heavens sweet darling boy, we LOVE you with every beat of our broken hearts and MISS you more than words can say….. every day…..

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