15 Sept – I wanted to share some lovely news with you

15 Sept – I wanted to share some lovely news with you

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Tonight I wanted to share some lovely news with you.
Some time ago back in February a lovely lady approached me via our FB page.
She expressed her sadness at our loss and told me all about losing her baby girl.
She had lost her precious daughter the day before her first birthday, to a rare condition.
With her hubby they launched the Laila Milly foundation in West Yorkshire. They will provide a respite centre for children aged 0 – 5 years that have life limiting/threatening conditions. They are so close, but have been a little bit busy.
I received a beautiful message from Maya a couple of weeks ago. I knew that she was expecting but didn’t know that she was due to have her beautiful boy the very next day.
Maya and Steve had chosen a very special name for their rainbow baby, meaning “Son of…” and Maya asked for my blessing. I cried happy tears and immediately responded, I couldn’t imagine a nicer name for the “Son of such a beautiful couple”
On the 28th of August a gorgeous little baby boy arrived into our world, giving Mummy, Daddy and their family so much joy and much needed healing to their broken hearts. He won’t replace Laila but will help his family heal. His arrival also brings hope to other bereaved parents im sure.
Congratulations Steve, Maya and Laila on the birth of Reuben Jerome
Wishing you lots and lots of happy times and sunshine
Lots of love
Please join me in wishing them all the very best with a like

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