15 weeks ago today Reuben moved to heaven

15 weeks ago today Reuben moved to heaven

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15 weeks ago on the 21st of August Reuben moved to heaven.

Just 2 days later we launched Reuben’s Retreat. We had been enjoying a family holiday in Devon when Reuben had a little fall and became ill. What we thought would be a routine visit to A&E resulted in the worst nightmare imaginable. Just a few hours later after failing routine tests we were sat down and told the devastating news that our precious boy had a brain tumour. He was airlifted that night to Frenchay (Bristol). As we drove to Bristol I discussed organ donation with his Daddy, and this was to be my lifeline. Reuben had an emergency operation and suffered 2 cardiac arrests. Over the following days his organs failed, he was on life support and we found out he had a rare and aggressive cancerous tumour that had been present for a matter of weeks. We could not donate his organs. I was devastated. I promised Reuben his passing would not be in vain. If you could have spent 5 short minutes with Reuben, you would see what a special soul he was…. he could light up a room. Our job now is to make the world a better place in his name.
Reuben’s Retreat will be a facility near home, for families to come and stay from far and wide. It will offer much needed respite breaks for families that have children with life limiting and life threatening illness. It will also serve as a bereavement counselling and support centre for Mummy’s Daddy’s and siblings that lose their precious children.
Please HELP us achieve this by SHARING / DONATING / SETTING UP A DD or FUNDRAISING – every £1 adds to the pot – our GOAL IS £1m in 23 months (Reuben’s age when he moved to heaven)

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