15th April – REUbear

15th April – REUbear

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I’m gonna miss my new passenger, REUBear has occupied my passenger seat since Saturday’s Spring fair.  BIG Thanks to the gorgeous Father Simon for continually supporting Reuben’s Retreat.  REUBear’s name the bear squares weren’t quite full …and so he has moved to new premises, fun premises full of joy, laughter and play.  He’s at “Slide & Seek” in Hyde with Camille and Jay ( Thanks guys!)  They are taking good care of him until his sheet is full @ £2 a square and then we can announce the WINNER….. A BIG thank you to Sonia, our local Tesco champ for our meet today…. A BIG thank you to Sage Green in Glossop for taking on the REUbunathon challenge! Lovely to meet you Karen…… And a big thank you to the “home” ?  locally that is advertising Reuben’s BUNathon from their living room window??? Spotted by my lovely friend Tracey…. Wow !!!! A BIG thank you to all of you for your continued LOVE & SUPPORT, it means so very much to me…….. IF you do see me out and about, please say “Hi” and if you see a fellow supporter be sure to let them know that you are supporting too… TOGETHER great things are happening… stand proud with pride in every stride….. Merchandise will slow down a little over the next few days, as our Rach has booked some time off and Ali is having some family time too…. Im a bit behind on my Reuben mail too, catching up…. Today I visited Reuben’s garden and sold my hoodie on the way home… RESULT ! Tomorrow I am back to work for my final 3 days……  Place one KISS in your comment box if you think REUbear is a boy and 2 xx’s if you think Bear is a GAL  xxxx   Mummy

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