16 April – Butterfly

16 April – Butterfly

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Butterfly (Thank you for finding this Gail H )

Butterfly on my finger
Why do you sit and linger
Is there something you want to say
How come you don’t fly away

Everyday you are always there
As I sit outside in my old chair
Its like you sit and wait for me
As I sit beneath my favourite tree

Are you someone I once knew
Did someone send me here to you
Are you someone that I used to know
Who stayed because you would not go

If you could speak what would you say
Could your words take my pain away
Did angels send you from above
A message from someone I love

Butterfly on my finger
You help to lift my sorrow
At the end of the day you fly away
But I know I will see you tomorrow

Loved ones send us little signs
But most people do not see
But I know in my heart of hearts
Someone sent you to me

John F Connor

P.S The photo one of the butterflies from Reuben’s memorial service August last year #MISS xxxx

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