16 April – Manchester Weekly News

16 April – Manchester Weekly News

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This weeks Manchester Weekly News Column…..

This week my thoughts are preoccupied with maximising the efforts of our volunteer fundraisers… We know our philosophy of “everyone has something to bring” to Reuben’s Retreat is true or we simply wouldn’t be where we are today. Just 3 years into the charity’s journey our supporters have helped us in almost every conceivable way, from releasing doves with our families on poignant dates to head shaving and doggie gala fundraisers, plus everything in between! And at Reuben’s we believe it is essential that we do all we can to help those working so generously to help us and to make every penny count.

Gift Aid is the perfect example of making the most of the money you raise – did you know that for every pound an eligible tax payer donates we can claim an extra 25p? That means a £10 donation made with Gift Aid becomes £12.50 to Reuben’s, £20 becomes £25 and so on. This also applies if you undertake a challenge and raise funds through sponsorship, just ask those who sponsor you to tick the Gift Aid box if they are eligible. But there are other ways to maximise the pennies and pounds you raise, such as match funding. Matched funds “are funds that are set to be paid in equal amount to funds available from other sources” and many companies and organisations now offer match funding to employees as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or charitable giving aims. There are companies throughout the UK that offer employees the chance to bolster the funds they raise by matching (wholly or partially) their donations or for the voluntary hours they give to a charity. If you’re about to volunteer your time to support a charity activity or event, some employers will also make a cash contribution or donate a gift that can be auctioned off. So please, to the army of amazing volunteer fundraisers that support charities across the country, ask if your employer operates a match funding initiative before you start your fundraising activities.

Which brings me on to our events calendar. I have to say there really is something for everyone in the coming months, so please don’t miss out by looking at the events on our Facebook page or calling the office on 01457 680 023 for more details on: the Teddy Bears picnic (July), Afternoon Tea with the Saddleworth Male Voice Choir (July and September), Across the Bay walk (June), Great Manchester 10K Run (May) and the highly anticipated Reu Ball in June! For those running the London Mararthon, good luck with your final training runs and thank you to the very special people who took part in yesterday’s Manchester Marathon, running 26 gruelling miles in Reu blue.

We are forever grateful for recent donations from Lloyds Bank, the Twig Coffee House and Salford City College. A huge thank you also to Ian Gillespie for making sure our banners are maintained and correctly positioned across the borough and congratulations and thanks to Mike & Val Hargreaves on their Emerald Wedding Anniversary, and to their lovely family and friends for donations to us and another fab local charity!

As I write my last instalment before handing back the baton/pen to Reuben’s Mummy Nicola after her very much deserved break, I am once again humbled by the love, empathy and support that is given to our little charity. Remember, each life no matter how brief forever changes the world and Reuben’s Retreat is truly testament to that.

With our very best wishes,
Team Reuben (Lynne, Nicola, Sally, Rachael, Ben & Susan)

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