16 August -…………16th of August 2012

16 August -…………16th of August 2012

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Thank you to our fabulous volunteers today, tomorrow and always…. so dedicated … with huge hearts ……

16th of August 2012
A meeting was held the next morning and Mr Edwards was very pale and could hardly make eye contact as he told us that Reuben’s condition wasn’t good and he wasn’t well enough to operate. They needed to give him another CT scan and they weren’t sure whether he would even make the scan. I turned to Dad and whispered, we are going to lose him Dad aren’t we? He nodded… this wasn’t Disney and we were not dealing with your average brain tumour. Reuben was taken for a lesser procedure some 5 hours surgery whereby they removed a portion of his skull and tucked it safely into his abdomen for safe keeping. The tumour was strangling his brain stem and the pressure needed to be released so that his organs could recover. By this time Reuben had multiple organ failure. Reuben made it through the 5 hours of surgery.
That night i couldn’t sleep and came down to see him in my pjs at around 4am. The nurses let me wash and change him and then started to move equipment around. We have a special visitor she told me as she cleared the area at his bedside… who? I asked.. hop in mummy she replied i think your baby would like a cuddle… wow!!! Too special for words… She knew, i knew, we all knew where this was heading… but we still had hope… we hung onto every ounce of it…………
I curled up close, tight to my boy….. I whispered to him… told him how much I loved him… how much we all loved him…. I wanted him to know I was there… I sniffed his hair and held him tight…. silent tears dripped from my eyes like raindrops…. my heart was breaking……

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