16 February – Daddy

16 February – Daddy

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Good evening Isaac and Reuben’s Dad here…..
Time flies by doesn’t it? I know I haven’t posted for a while.
The last 12 months and especially January have vanished before my very eyes.

Anyway I’m not normally into signs from heaven, as Nic will tell you, but the last ten days have given me at least two signs that I know are a coincidence, but I like them anyway.

The weekend before last, I felt honoured to celebrate the achievements of some very special people, we were at Harry Potter Studios, just North of London and out of all the tables available, which table was I sat at…….Rubeus Hagrid.

Then yesterday, I was privileged to hear Victoria Trundle (the author of Reu the Gnu) read the story which she created for Reuben’s Retreat, live on TV, at work.
Victoria read her story to children up and down the country, and the person who became Reu the Gnu, it could have been anyone……a great guy at work called Ben……REUBen.

Please find below a link to the buy Victoria Trundle’s incredible book priced at 8 pounds.


I know it’s chance but these ‘signs’ are still lovely to see.

On another note, I’m sorry to say I’m not able to do the 10K Manchester run this year so I’m hoping that tonight you will sign up? It’s Sunday the 22nd of May.
If you can’t do it then perhaps a friend or family member can?
We are aiming to get over 300 runners again this year but can only do this with your help.

Here’s the link. http://www.greatrun.org/great-manchester-run

And for kids the Junior and Mini Fun Run is the day before Saturday 21 May.


Its strange, I still find it incredibly difficult to talk about Reuben before he was ill, but don’t really find it difficult to talk about the moment we found out Reuben had a brain tumour or the last 7 days of Reuben’s life…..I don’t know why.

I wish Nic, Isaac, our family and friends had been given more time with Reuben to create MORE……so many more special memories.

Please LIKE and SHARE this post to create awareness of our ‪#‎charity‬
I would personally, very much appreciate your help with doing this.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this and take care

Mike x

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  1. jennie

    Signs are an amazing thing. Even if you don’t realise that that’s what it was til later. My daughter, Emma, had an ante-natal stroke which has resulted in reduced motility on her right side.
    Months before we had a definitive diagnosis or had any idea of what had happened, we had noticed she didn’t like using her right hand. Not long afterwards I dreamt that I was trying to use my right hand, holding it the same way Emma would, but the message wouldn’t send. When I woke I knew, but dismissed it thinking it was an improbability.
    On April 12th, it will be four years since I lost my Dad & I know now that my dream was him telling me something wasn’t right.
    I think what you & your wife have done & are doing is incredible.
    Those signs were not just of Reuben, they were from him & were him & he is very lucky to have had you & your wife & would be proud of your strength & what you have done!! Your charity has my support. Please email me if there is anything I can do to help in any way.


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