16 October – Children

16 October – Children

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Children are ‪#‎amazing‬…..

Isaac makes me smile every day .. and every day I am thankful to have him in my life ….. My LOVE is different after loss …… and I now know that’s normal ……

Wanted to share this with you from earlier in the week….. ‪#‎gigglechops‬

So I sat Isaac down last night, briefly, to watch a little bit of “Black Roses”. I explained how beautiful the poetry was, and explained Sophie’s story and how we must be always looking out for others, be kind, considerate and accepting of individuality…..
I said about how everyone is individual regardless of what they eat, how they look, how they speak, see, religion… covered it all.. or so I thought… until …..
And colour Mummy, if they are a different colour …
That’s right darling was my reply ….
” Like the Lady at the theatre Mum, when they were mean to her because of her colour? that wasn’t very nice … I felt sorry for her, they were mean to her and she was a very nice lady…”
Which Lady darling ….. ?
The green one …….
As I stifled a smirk and huge inside giggle…..
(Memories of “Wicked” at the Lowry with Nannie)
I just LOVE where his head goes ….
Wouldn’t the world be a much more loving and peaceful place if we were all accepting of green people …..

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