16th August – ‘I turned to Dad and whispered, we are going to lose him Dad aren’t we?’

16th August – ‘I turned to Dad and whispered, we are going to lose him Dad aren’t we?’

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On the night of the 15th, we sat with Reuben’s surgeon for just short of 2 hrs. The plan was to remove Reuben’s tumour. The operation would take a minimum of 18hrs and they would use equipment smaller than the nib of a pen. We went through all his MRI and talked about his tumour at great lengths. We bid him a good night and I wished him a good work day for the next day…. I hugged him and thanked him and he said that this is what the NHS do best, that he had studied overseas in America and Canada and we wouldn’t get better anywhere else in the world.
We retired to bed with hope and we were to meet Mr Edwards the next morning early……..
A meeting was held the next morning and Mr Edwards was very pale and could hardly make eye contact as he told us that Reuben’s condition wasn’t good and he wasn’t well enough to operate. They needed to give him another CT scan and they weren’t sure whether he would even make the scan. I turned to Dad and whispered, we are going to lose him Dad aren’t we? He nodded… this wasn’t Disney and we were not dealing with your average brain tumour. Mr Edwards colleague describe Reuben as a “jolly sick little boy” and to operate would risk his life, he would have a less than 20% chance of surviving the operation.
Reuben was taken for a lesser procedure some 5 hours surgery whereby they removed a portion of his skull and tucked it safely into his abdomen for safe keeping. The tumour was strangling his brain stem and the pressure needed to be released so that his organs could recover. By this time Reuben had multiple organ failure. Reuben made it through the 5 hours of surgery.
I chatted to Mum and she said, you need support Nic, you need the love and positivity and prayers of your friends, you need to let everyone know what we are up against……
That day I posted to facebook….
16th 754pm please pray for our baby boy today xxx Reuben very poorly and has a big operation planned xxx we need your love and positive thoughts xxx
Texts came through from close friends and I rang my closest to tell them the dreadful news………..
Reuben was critical on life support, our lives were shattered and we were in turmoil. We had parents with us, my Sister and the God Mums.
However, the team never gave up on Reuben, the care was around the clock, a team of 4 and they were fantastic….
Another building block towards where we are today.
Isaac came home from Grandma’s today, I have missed him so much… He’s thrilled as gifts and flowers and cards have started to arrive and he got lego! We have just been planting at Reuben’s garden.. Dad’s away and Isaac misses him. So we have had a chippy tea. We are ok and getting through. Isaac has no concept of time and doesn’t understand what’s happening around him. He’s had a great few days and is full of beans. He’s our rock and he is the reason we are where we are today.

THANK YOU to all that supported the petition today !!!! nearly 1,000 more votes……….

Forever grateful to you all for all you do………..
( photo, Reuben in Dubrovnik with parrots July 2011)

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