16th February – “We could be heroes” By Caroline Shotton

16th February – “We could be heroes” By Caroline Shotton

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Greeted by sky kisses this morning, its looks like a beautiful day outside. This is the first weekend the 3 of us have had together in 5 weeks. Mike has worked 4 of the weekends, and me the last one. So we have lots planned. This morning Isaac cuddled me like a “Meringue a tang” ? that made me smile.. and at 10am we are all off to watch hotel Transylvania at Movies for juniors or as Isaac calls it.. the Cinemas… Then we are heading to see our friends “The Roberts collective” for a big fat walk, ready for our curry night.. I batched cooked 12 portions of Beef rogan josh last night, yum! The last few days have been up and down and lately I have been more of a 7 than an 8. Sadly as I gain a better scoring on the shight o meter, Mike has dipped somewhat and has struggled with his MISSsss this last week. As we approach Reuben’s 6 month anniversary its all been a little more difficult than usual. But that’s what Miss does.. its there all the time like a residual headache and heartache and then BOOOM it knocks you sideways……. The charity is a good way to channel my grief and love and the wonderful things that happen every day fill my heart with warmth and peace. We have a very new and exciting art project underway and I want to share something with you today… “We could be heroes”…. By Caroline Shotton…. what do you think of this???? How exciting…. Ian at the Hawthorn Gallery asked… “ Who do these caped crusaders remind you of” ? Keep your eyes peeled for something wonderful with these guys….
For now, have a great weekend…. If you haven’t secured your “Elvis” places yet? Please do.. carmel@reubensretreat.org MUCH LOVE & Thanks for your continued support ~ MUMMY xxxx

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