16th July – Our TEWSDAY’s just turned a corner

16th July – Our TEWSDAY’s just turned a corner

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Apologies If I am late responding to you, behind with my lappy work…. will be in touch in due course. BIG Thanks to Mr Simon Hogg who has had his hair shaved off for us and also a top tweet from fan base MCFC (Im not a footy fan myself, but with 1 million followers… I soon could be… mmmmm if everyone just paid a £1… where would we be….)
Its official, we are all set to move our bits and pieces in.
Thank you Carole for the beautiful flowers…. our TEWSDAY’s just turned a corner.

Reuben’s Retreat
Suite 1
St Michaels court
St Michaels Square
Ashton under Lyne

Visitors welcome, gift shop open, healing available……..
We hope to be there most days of the working week, all dependant on our meetings and whereabouts.

Big THANKS to ALI & CHRIS for putting together all the desks together and BIG thanks to OLLIE for shipping all our furniture around too. The legacy remains THANK YOU and also Four financial too.

The BIGGEST thanks to Carl, Sue, Kath and the Seraphina centre for making this happen

Forever grateful,

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