16th March – Christmas Again !!

16th March – Christmas Again !!

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Im posting early, as I have worked tirelessly on RR all day, catching up… and I want to see Isaac when he gets home from tea at his pals… so here goes…… I want to start by thanking everyone that dug deep, donated, supported, commen…ted, shared, loved and hugged Reuben’s Retreat through Thursday night…. the wonderful Darren & Jo with support raised a GEORDIE “Way ay man” £2,395 and 50 pence…..  How fabulous is that !!!!  I am not sure if we will see it, as Darren text earlier to say he was on his way to the metro centre shopping??? Hee hee…  Thank you Thank you to all our industry partners that supplied the prizes, the list was HUGE… wow…   Also a big thank you to the birthday parties and weddings that are happening with NO gifts, but donations to RR.. you wonderful people.  A big shout out to the achy calves belonging to all our runners, whether you ran your marathons, half marathons or just by training today.  And the Turkey is cooked and carved ready for tomorrow as we celebrate Christmas??? No I haven’t lost my marbles.. but you may recall at Xmas I posted that my Dad and his Wife were ill with flu and cancelled their Xmas.  Well Kath took a turn for the worst and ended up 3wks on a ventilator in ICU fighting for her life.  All is good now and she is making a good recovery and tomorrow we have Turkey, Pigs in blankets and presents.  But most importantly we have kath, as without kath, I doubt there would be Dad.  We are missing the little fella though, but that hurts every day… the pigs in blankets wont touch that bucket of MISS. This morning we had Isaac & Reuben’s Favourite.. “Sausages” for breakfast… we were doing ok and we all felt quite happy.. so I said.. If youre happy and you know it shout “Bananas”… Isaac said, if youre happy “Wiggle your bum”…. so I will leave you all to bid us a Merry Christmas, shout bananas or wiggle your bum ???  your call ~ have a nice night everyone… and know that today I looked at FB and My heart swelled with PRIDE…. I fill up as I type.. that I am so very very proud of each and every person making this happen… MOST of ALL ~ REUBEN !!!!  I love you and MISS you more than words can every type Dear Darling boy… and your name will be on the lips of lovely wonderful and kind people forever more………..  REUBEN….. kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss  forever MUMMY xxxx  (Photo Xmas 2010)

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