17 April – “I had a dream about Reuben in Heaven”

17 April – “I had a dream about Reuben in Heaven”

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So we’ve been taking some time out, chilling with Isaac. I’ve also been reading some of the bereavement books which we’ve ordered for our library at Reuben’s Retreat.
As well as doing some planning in my head and listing ideas etc
When last night across our Indian meal, we had our very own “mini Todd Burpo” moment with Isaac.
He has no idea what I’ve been reading and I’ve not discussed it with Daddy.
So Isaac’s tucking into his cheesy Naan bread (there seems to be a carb/cheese based theme here doesn’t there???- also, for the record, Isaac doesn’t like cheese, which is even cheesier)
And he pipes up ” I had a dream about Reuben in heAven”…. ( Isaac’s MISS gets bigger when he’s away from routine or school or if Daddy or I are away longer than a couple of nights).
“Tell me more” said Daddy.
” Reuben was asleep and there was a really bright white light and when he woke up, he was an angel” he said.
” how do you know he was an angel?” I asked.
He looked at me like I was a bit daft and replied ” cos he was dressed like one”.
“Was he wearing a halo?” Asked daddy.
” I don’t know what one of them is, but I know he had a gold frisbee on his head” replied Isaac.
” was Reuben asleep because he was poorly?” I asked.
“No mummy, he was just asleep but when he turned into an angel he could flew away”
“And did you dream this last night?” I asked.
“No Mummy, it was a long while ago”….
“At home? In your bed? Before you got your new bunk beds” I asked
“Yes, my old bed without the top on …. I love my bunk beds…”
And he jumped right back out of the conversation again ……..
“What a lovely dream….. Thank you for sharing that with us Isaac. Despite the fact you were in no rush to….” I laughed.
Bunk beds – delivered September 2013

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