17 Jan – Our Great News

17 Jan – Our Great News

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Please SHARE our great news….
THANK YOU to the team at Travel Weekly, and all our incredible travel industry colleagues and support!

Last night, Michelle Leonard collected the Penny Akam globe award for Travel Weekly’s “Unsung hero 2014” for her incredible FUN-raising at Reuben’s Retreat – the award was founded in 2010 in memory of Travel Weekly’s own Penny Akam whom was very much loved and respected in our industry.

Michelle was surprised as knew nothing of these plans, and had this to say;-

“Home after an amazing evening totally shocked to go to the Travel Weekly awards as a guest of Reuben’s Retreat and come home with the Penny Akam globe ,feeling very privileged and emotional ….. There’s me ready to take a picture of Nic going up for her award and it was mine ,how amazing loved it thanks so much to everyone involved one of the best moments of my life seriously , proud xxxx”

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