17 January – #Signs

17 January – #Signs

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I have just returned from a whistle stop 24hrs in London.
We have 2 friends that support our PR. Shona secured us a fantastic opportunity with a magazine, out this March. The photo shoot was yesterday in Soho and I was fortunate to spend time with 3 other loving Mums and a wonderful creative team.
On Friday I met my friend of 16 years and her little girl. We don’t get to see enough of each other. We had a mooch and chatted across London. Stumbling across the cartoon museum we went in to look at the shop. I wasn’t looking really when something caught my eye head on, it’s spine shining like a beacon… “Billy, me and you”
I shared the story of my dear friend Julie buying me a copy and how it was the first book of bereavement I had received. I also shared that I felt “heard” and how I’d gone on to buy 23 signed copies for our Reuben families and Nicola had offered to come up and speak with our families.
On Saturday I was sharing this exchange with our make up artist and a Mum to illustrate the #signs we receive.
Imagine my surprise when I saw this mornings article in the “observer”.
Letting us know he’s close and listening. Always there to take his journey to the next level.
Thank you Julie, our Patron, pal and protector of our hearts 💙
Thank you Beryl for your wonderful heart, your support and for sharing your “23” airline seat number – he’s saying thank you.
Thank you Shona and Lianne for your friendship.
Thank you Ash & Eva for a lovely afternoon.
And thank you my darling darling Reuben for staying close and sending Angel signs

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