17 Oct – We are privileged and humbled to have immense love, support and generous hearts

17 Oct – We are privileged and humbled to have immense love, support and generous hearts

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Yesterday, Becki and I had the most amazing morning……
Throughout this journey of loss and miss… we are privileged and humbled to have immense love, support and generous hearts.
Yesterday was special.
Our gorgeous talented friend Angie contacted me earlier in the week. She said that she had some earlier works that she wished to donate to our retreat if we fancied popping by and taking a look….
Would we ?????? You betcha !!!!!!
I couldn’t have the visit all to myself, it would be far too indulgent and so I asked our lovely Beck to accompany me. Everyone works hard for RR, and it’s nice to give back too. It’s very important.
We arrived at 10am and were greeted by Angie.
After some chatter, she said… take your time… I have this, this, this, this, this and this pile for you to look at.. take whatever you think will suit your retreat.
Like kiddies in a sweetie shop, we were mesmerised.. and mouths wide open we gawped at cats, birds, dogs, ladies, cakes, hearts, wings, cherries and more..adorning spectacular canvasses all painted with lashings of LOVE…..
How many can we have I asked? ALL was Angie’s reply……
oh my oh my oh my….. Angie donated 21 incredible, breathtaking originals, the majority of which were framed.
We chatted, drank coffee, soaked up the studio’s atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of Angie’s great company.
What an incredible gift to us, fine art for Reuben’s Retreat.
THANK YOU Angela Smyth, Artist for your support, love, and generous kind beautiful heart.
Neither of us will forget yesterdays special meet… and your kindness will be on display for all to enjoy.
Many of you may recall that it was Angie that created “Sausage & mash” for Reuben. Elements of which are etched forever on his beautiful headstone at his garden. Copies are still available via our lovely friend Ian at The Hawthorn Gallery And it is Ian we have to thank for meeting Angie back in 2007 when I was expecting Isaac.
What a special meeting that was, and Ian is incredibly supportive, as are his family too.
So………… which rooms would you place these fabulous pieces…. answers on a postcard and please join me in thanking our lovely friend.
Please keep SHARING, commenting (even if it’s just kisses… still lovely to see xxxx’s) and Liking so we don’t lose you…it would be sad to lose you …..

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