17th April – Well Done Lauren

17th April – Well Done Lauren

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“Lauren is becoming a temporary vegetarian”  has got to be to date my favourite fundraising strapline and inventive charity fundraiser….  boy have I seen some wackiness this last 7 months… A HUGE Thank you to Blue Bay Travel for giving …up all things “loved” for lent (including meat???) raising just over  £1k !!!  and also 11 of them are all geared up for the “wolf run” in September.  THANK YOU THANK YOU….  BIG thanks to Louise Craddock for her foody festive fund raising on the IOW this weekend… youre a fabulous friend and support Lou!  Also firm supporters are cruise.co.uk and another BIG mahuussive thanks to Vicki and Hannah for raising and also selling lots of merchandise too.  BIG thanks to Kay-Leigh and Sky for fundraising for Reuben… and a HUGE thank you to the amazing children of Cheadle Hulme Junior ( I hope to see you soon.. for some big high 5’s) and also I can share more of what they did there too…. Thanks to Debbie B for her support at the latest swim meet and for raising funds and selling merchandise with her lovely support on Saturday… And a BIG thank you to everyone that’s ordering merchandise for runs, point of sale for the #ReuBUNathon… to travel weekly for their article…..   and BIG thanks for Alex for this weekend’s Zumba at COPLEY this Saturday – I look forward to seeing you there…. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to each and every one of you that continues to chug this train along to its destination…. you are amazing and you lift me every day…. choo choo !!!! Big things are happening……….  Much love and forever grateful – Forever MUMMY xxxx Please continue to SHARE and donate via local or just giving and PLEASE sign up for easyfundraising if you haven’t already…..

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