18 Dec – But I have just found out a very, VERY good friend, Simon Jones…..has got the big C

18 Dec – But I have just found out a very, VERY good friend, Simon Jones…..has got the big C

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Reuben’s Daddy here…you probably know it’s quite rare for me to post on Facebook

I write this, for all those with miss in their hearts this Christmas.

I’m 41 years old……my Dad lived only another 11 years, he died aged 52 years old…….Pancreatic Cancer, which changed my outlook on life forever

He was a postman and a “grafter ” always working overtime…earning extra money so he could ultimately provide for his family and we were lucky enough, due to my Mum and Dad’s work ethic, to be able to go abroad as a family once a year

But I have just found out a very, VERY good friend, Simon Jones, who is younger than my Dad was…….not even bloody 50 years old…..has got the big C

Yes Cancer – he is in Christies next week before Christmas and it is such a blow to his wonderful family and friends

As a bloke we try to be level headed, fix things and basically put a brave face on it all

We all experience loss at some stage in our lives – this is one of the few facts of life……and I know any kind of loss is unique to you as an individual……young or old….age/time is not a measure of how sad we feel for the loss of a loved one

But let me say this now…..I feel very lucky to call Simon Jones my friend

I met Simon and his lovely wife Jill nearly 10 years ago when I first got together with Nic…..we went over for a Mexican at their house and just got on really, REALLY well

Since then…..we’ve celebrated most Fireworks Night together (with Reuben too), and New Years Eve nights for the last 8 years (with special Cider), post Reuben we have celebrated my 40th birthday and as families travelled on holiday together……. I must say Jill and Simon are TRUE friends

It was funny, as we used to laugh as Reuben would fondly address Simon as Daddy… Simon would laugh and say ” I’m not your Dad, that’s how rumours start”.

We experienced our first ever Camping holiday in August 2012 at Simon’s sisters house in Devon……but this was when Reuben, was rushed into hospital and we were told our 23 month old boy had a brain tumour and he moved to heaven just 7 days later

Jill and Simon looked after Isaac and we would have been LOST without them

Simon has always been a friend who has always been there…..the nicest of blokes who is just the gentlest and most considerate man I have ever met

Simon values the importance of family and has always put his family before work…he gave up a well paid job to do what he has always wanted to do…..be his own boss…….baking AMAZING pies (which I might add, we had for Reuben’s first birthday/Christening) and he has chosen to take the flexibility of a job role for the last 5 years, to enable him to spend more time with his youngest, his 8 year old son, Callum

Simon doesn’t moan….he has NEVER bad mouthed anyone
He has a positive, can do attitude, a happy person who just wants to “have a laugh” and makes me laugh by quoting Gavin and Stacey lines whenever I meet him

Simon doesn’t realise how funny he is and when he says something funny he says ” are you having that one Mike” or …….”I’ll give you that one !” He always puts a smile on my face

I AM A VERY LUCKY MAN TO KNOW Simon (Simelar) ….and hopefully you know a little about him now too.

if you would like to leave a message for Simon below please do…..I know he reads the posts on Reuben’s Retreat.

Thank you

Mike (Mikelar)


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