18 March – As we walked around what will be Reuben’s Retreat

18 March – As we walked around what will be Reuben’s Retreat

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Evening all & a warm welcome to all our new followers,

I am Reuben’s FGMF (Fairy God Mother FOREVER) & work with Nicola Reuben’s lovely Mummy on this FOREVER project. I haven’t posted for a while and tonight I wanted to share this photograph with you….I may be in trouble with Mummy but it has made me chuckle……I hope it makes you chuckle too!

Some days are PANTS (rubbish/tough/difficult/hard/)….yesterday was not a PANTS day it was a good day, tough day, bittersweet day all rolled into one, but definitely not a PANTS day. As we walked around what will be Reuben’s Retreat (any day now), Nicola was busy visualising all that’s in her head, pointing here pointing there to some experts who are helping us out bigtime and Tracey. Becki, Auntie Rach and I were slightly ahead & I found these PANTS 

I strategically placed them on a staircase, Nic did laugh out loud as she walked up the stairs and then almost stepped over them as she started to explain to me as you can see from the look on our faces her plans for this area of the building……Becki captured the moment well & the PANTS 

Thanks for your support & love, stick with us FOREVER, share our story, help us grow and be there to laugh with us when we are having a good day as well as supporting us as you do on a PANTS day.

Much love & shed loads of thanks
Ali (FGMF)

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