18 Nov – #CharityTuesday is a day on twitter that all charities share each other’s causes

18 Nov – #CharityTuesday is a day on twitter that all charities share each other’s causes

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#charityTuesday is a day on twitter that all charities share each other’s causes…… soon we will have one global day where we all give, that’s on a Tuesday and that’s #givingtuesday – more on that to come and please come by Seraphina Centre and join us for a brew and a bun on the 2nd of December ………(save the date…)
#charitytuesday we share and tonight I share with you our “23” from great friends………….
Pete set up Mummy’s Star in memory of his beloved Wife. Pete discovered through his own journey of loss, that little support if any, was out there for Mummy’s diagnosed with cancer in pregnancy.
It is a fantastic charity and we have all become friends with Pete and his lovely family and charity since their early days. Pete has taken on #9 challenges to represent 9 months of pregnancy and look at his number sent today for the Conwy half marathon !!!!! I’d like to think that Mair and Reuben have “hooked up” and are eating ice cream and watching us from that place called “somewhere” …..
A couple of weeks ago, I turned to Pete when I was having a particularly dark few days….. he understands what it is like to set up something after such loss and with a heart full of #miss. He carries out great work and has 2 gorgeous children who miss their Mummy too.
And less than 2 hours later…. another “23” pops up … courtesy of our gorgeous friend and patron Julie Hes. Table for ….. would this do madam? it certainly will ….. thank you very much !!!!!
I think this is Reuben’s way of saying…. THANK YOU Pete & Julie for being there for my Mummy….. here are 23 x heavenly hugs and kisses…….
Reuben brings beautiful people to our cause…. he watches as we carry out his angel work … he brings us compassionate hearts and generous souls….
There’s one reading this right now…..
SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT but most of all …spread the LOVE … we are all achieving great things….
Forever grateful x 23 blown kisses on the wind

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