18 November – This weekend proved to be a difficult one for me

18 November – This weekend proved to be a difficult one for me

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. Mike left early on Friday for a conference. Its the same conference that I have attended myself since 2001. It is the conference where I met Mike in 2004 and in the subsequent years shared the news of our engagement, wedding and the joy of our boys. Since 2001 I have only missed 2 conferences, as I was on maternity leave with my babies. This weekend I didn’t attend conference, as I am no long working in travel. I missed going as its a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends old and new. But my life has taken a new direction and my future is very much changed since Reuben moved to heaven. Some time ago one of our friends at Travel Counsellors came up with a fabulous idea. To REUcyle for Reuben. She launched a facebook page and suggested that instead of buying a new “frock”, Ladies swapped, or wore a past outfit and donated £20 to RR instead. Whilst the men of the UK heaved a huge sigh of relief and whilst department stores up and down the country held emergency meetings on Ladieswear, the pennies were totting up to hundreds of pounds. Thank you Becky and all your lovely Ladies raising £1650 !!!! and it is something which a lot of companies could do too, if you work for a large company that has an annual conference or a big Xmas bash??.. a wonderful idea. On Friday Becky, Michelle and Emma got together and sold over £750+ worth of Xmas cards and merchandise. Emma I have known since we were 16 at college and she has personally donated a lot of monies from her sales this year and is a true friend that I am so glad to be back in contact with, beautiful person. And Michelle I sat in front of on that life changing trip to Tenerife and we chatted lots. Little did I know that 6 years later her darling hubby would DJ and perform an Elvis tribute at our precious Reuben’s 1st year birthday party and christening, raising funds for our Special care baby unit, where Reuben had resided for the first week of his short life. Michelle and Darren have gone on to raise an incredible £10,000 for Reuben’s Retreat and they both tirelessly campaign and support our cause. In all, there were tears of MISS from me this weekend, tears for a life that I used to have and a life I wished I had… but also PROUD tears for all that you have done for RR and for all that you do and for being there for us as friends always. The world is a very different place for us now and on those stormy emotional days, you are the silver linings on very dark clouds. So tonight’s post is dedicated to all our wonderful friends at Travel Counsellors, as there are more than I have mentioned… there are those that have and continue to support and those that are new to our journey and wish to help… thank you to all that donated and continue to support with your incredible “ventures”.. you stay close, you are true, have wonderful hearts and I appreciate every one of you. With love always,
Your friend,
(photo:- after partying hard, I expect a lot of you feel like this today…. Reuben shattered aged 8 months…)

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